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COVID 19 Preparedness Plan: Health and Safety Guidelines

COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

Health and Safety Guidelines for Osseo Area Schools Assessment Administration

Osseo Area Schools is committed to providing a safe and healthy place for all students and staff during the administration of assessments. 

Osseo Area Schools Data and Assessment Division has developed the following COVID-19 Preparedness Plan in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Osseo Area Schools Data and Assessment Department’s COVID-19 Preparedness Plan follows state guidance, which is based upon guidance from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH), and the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE). 

Requirements for District and School Assessments 

Health Screening

Prior to entering any district facility, all staff and students are required to conduct a health screening for COVID-19 symptoms using the Minnesota Department of Health COVID-19 Decision Tree for People in Schools. Any staff or student who responds “yes” to any of the health screening questions should stay home and not come to school.  

Review the MDH COVID-19 Health Screening Questions

Social Distancing

Social distancing of at least three feet will be implemented and maintained between staff and students at all times. The number of occupants in each testing room will be reduced to maintain social distancing between examinees and staff. Examinees and testing staff will be alert to signage, markings, and instructions that will address social distancing and in-building movement.

Promoting a Safe Environment

Staff and students will do the following to ensure a safe and healthy assessment environment:

  • Staff and students are required to wear face coverings indoors per Governor Walz’s Executive Order 20-81.   

  • Staff and students are encouraged to wash their hands prior to entering the testing room. Staff will be available to provide the nearest restroom location.

  • Hand sanitizer will also be available in all testing rooms.

  • All rooms will be clean and sanitized prior to the assessment and sanitizer will be available in each room for staff to use as needed.

  • There should be no sharing of materials.

  • The district will be extending start/stop of the times of the heating and cooling system to ensure more air is brought into the space both before and after school. During school we will increase fresh air being brought into the space whenever possible.

Symptomatic Staff or Students

If a staff or student becomes symptomatic during the assessment, they will need to leave immediately. If a staff member or student is unable to leave or does not have transportation, they will be moved to the site’s isolation room while transportation is arranged.