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What is the Distance Learning Academy?

Families who want the certainty of distance learning for the entire year with no movement between models may opt into a districtwide (K-12 only) Distance Learning Academy. To register for the optional academy, a year-long commitment will be required.

  • At the elementary level, Distance Learning Academy instruction will be similar to the regular distance learning model. 
  • At the secondary level, the Distance Learning Academy will focus on core subjects/graduation requirements, i.e., advanced, AP and/or electives may not be available. 
  • Students attending the academy will still be able to participate in school/district extracurricular programs.
  • This will be a districtwide (vs. school-based) program drawing from teachers across the school district.
  • Families must opt into the Distance Learning Academy (see inside brochure) by 9 p.m. on Wednesday, August 12;
  • Special education and language learner services will continue to be provided to qualifying students.